Tubefilter.TV covers the launch of "Web Zeroes" series

Revision3 Nabs Its First Scripted Comedy, ‘Web Zeroes’

Web ZeroesMost people equate San Francisco based Revision3 with unscripted, net-friendly hosted web series—Diggnation, TekZilla, Film Riot. Some of the series clock in over the hour mark, firmly rooted in the vein of freeform tech video podcasts. And it’s around that techie niche that the company has built out an online network of dedicated fans, and incidentally, loyal sponsors like Netflix and GoDaddy looking to make waves in that scene.

But with the launch of its latest series, Web Zeroes, Revision3 is taking the leap into scripted comedy with what it calls its first “sitcom.” Truthfully, its closer to an Office-style single-camera comedy, than a multi-camera TV sitcom. The geek comedy was a pickup from indie creators Eddy Rivas, Nick Comardo and Daniel Miller, who together make up Houston-based Smooth Few Films. Their previous series, The Leet World, was a machinima series shot in Counter-Strike: Source.

The trio of web series creators in fact play themselves, or, as they see it, “amp-ed up versions of themselves”—the control freak Alex (Eddy Rivas), the jaded filmmaker Ray (Daniel Miller), and the nerdy fanboy, Nate (Nick Comardo).” In true modern geek fashion—a blend of online dependency tweaked with a relentless desire to be internet famous—the three are pining to become the next great web stars in hope of “making the big bucks” (and meeting Diggnation host Kevin Rose). First stop: making their own podcast.

Alex: I think we all know too much about too much to really narrow it down to any one thing. Or at least I do, and I’ll be in the driver’s seat anyway.

Nate: Shotgun!

Ray: You can’t call shotgun on podcast!

Nate: You’re just mad that I called it first.

The series had been previously released on the Smooth Few Films site, though as part of the Revision3 deal, episodes have been removed and re-cut with sponsor shout outs to Netflix. Just the pilot episode, “Cast Aways” (above) has been released. New episodes of Web Zeroes come out every Wednesday (the same day as Diggnation), with a total of 13 planned for this season.