Promotion of AARP/JD Power auto study generates most trade press in sales division's history

My strategic execution of AARP Media Sales' auto purchasing survey with JD Power in May 2012 generated over 131 million impressions, targeted directly at business and niche media. This was the largest amount of impression that AARP Media Sales ever received for a single piece of research.

My research media placements included the following locations:

Detroit Free Press -- "Baby boomers drive boom in new car sales"
Mediapost -- "AARP: Marketers Must Rethink Boomers"
The Car Connection -- "Baby Boomers Keep U.S. Auto Sales Booming"
USA Today -- "Forget the kids, Baby Boomers drive car sales boom"
Business Insider -- "One age group is dominating new car sales"
Huffington Post -- "Auto Sales Driven By Boomers, Automakers Desperate For Millennial Love" -- "Most New-Car Buyers Are Baby Boomers, Study Says" -- "Forget The Facebook Crowd When Selling New Cars"
MSN Autos -- "Boomers Are Buying"
Huffington Post -- "Boomer Marketing: A Report Card" -- "Who is buying all these cars?"