My client Tenthwave is profiled in Adweek magazine

Portrait: Tenthwave

Using Facebook's Open Graph, Tenthwave helped give bullies their due
Who (l.-r.) Steve Caputo, managing partner; Drew Rayman, managing partner; Mike Mazar, partner; Eric Schwamberger, partner; Brian Hack, partner. Absent: Rob Kaplan, partner.

What Full-service Digital agency

Where New York office Created out of the merger of Strobe Promotions, RedStapler and Zezza Network, Tenthwave is something of a half-pint of the agency world. So when Facebook decided to develop an anti-bullying app, it seems fitting that they came to Tenthwave. The shop used Facebook’s Open Graph to find people who were most likely to participate, resulting in 1 million signing a Stop Bullying Pledge. Tenthwave went on to do more corporate responsibility work for Facebook, but it was the anti-bullying app managing partner Drew Rayman was most proud of. “I hate bullying,” he said. “I loved the opportunity to punch bullies back and give them a black eye.”