CareerTV's Sean O'Grady interviewed for unemployment story

High Health Care, Salaries, Pension Trump Experience and Wisdom, Say Experts


Jobs for Qualified Young People

"There are still budgets to hire a limited number of college students," said Sean O'Grady, executive producer of CareerTV USA, a Philadelphia broadcaster that provides online services to hundreds of colleges around the country.

"Companies are using the recession to restructure their work force and they need to bring in new employees to fill these voids," O'Grady told

"No one directly says person X is taking person Y's job, but the layoffs are happening and a select number of the most qualified college students who are ready to hit the ground running are still finding opportunities," he said.

But according to a 2006 study commissioned by AARP, additional health care costs associated with older workers are "far offset by institutional knowledge, loyalty and other positive factors," taking into consideration the training of new workers.