BrandIndex data on Taco Bell appears in Advertising Age

Taco Bell Owes U.S. Free Tacos Again, but Sulking Unlikely

On-Air Mentions Among Benefits of World Series Promotion


CHICAGO ( -- Time for Taco Bell to pay up again. The fast feeder returned to the World Series this year with its "Steal a base, steal a taco" promotion.

There wasn't much time for suspense in this fall classic, however, as Tampa Bay's Jason Bartlett stole second in the fifth inning of game one last night. Although it may be cold comfort to his team, which lost to the Phillies 3-2, Mr. Bartlett did secure "free tacos for America" and has since signed with Taco Bell for PR purposes and for an ad to boost awareness of the giveaway...

According to YouGov Polimetrix, Taco Bell's buzz rating doubled last October, from a seven to a 15. This year, the brand is starting from a much higher level, an 18. There hasn't been much movement so far.

Perhaps that's because the chain is doing so much better. In the past year, Taco Bell has launched its better-for-you Fresco menu, a value platform and a line of fruity frozen drinks, and cemented its position as the late-night leader. It's also become the cash cow of the Yum Brands portfolio, after languishing briefly as the laggard.