YouGovPolimetrix measures which Olympic advertisers won or lost mindshare in Advertising Age

China's Olympic-Year Ad Growth: 22%

Games gains

How much bang did Olympic sponsors get for the 72 million bucks they paid to be able to call themselves official? With the help of YouGovPolimetrix, Ad Age tracked how they did in terms of mind share before and after the games.

Well-known brands such as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's and Samsung tended to eke out increases in brand awareness, while smaller, lesser-known brands gained the most ground. Lenovo, for instance, went from a 6% mind share a week before the games to a 13% mind share by the end.

Two notable exceptions were General Electric and Visa. Visa had the largest decline in mind share from week one to week two, slipping to 36% from 44%. GE lost three percentage points in mind share in week one but gained them back in week two.