PR Newser plugs me pitching the Mediashift story below

"PBS looks into social media releases"

Two years after Tom Foremski's original story calling for the death of press releases prompted the advent of the social media release, the conversation continues.

Mark Glaser
at PBS' MediaShift, has an excellent in depth round up of some of the key players in the game. Here is his succinct summation of the current environment:

Perhaps at this early stage - just two years into the life of the SMNR vs. 100 years of the text press release - we can only expect small victories for the evolution of the format: a link here, a photo there, a little less spin. More importantly, the mindset of publicists and companies is starting to change as they realize that they are losing control of their tightly scripted message.

Drew Kerr, who handles PR for Businesswire, is understandably excited over this line in the story: "One of the sparks for this story was a recent email I received from a publicist for Business Wire, a wire service for press releases, who noted the newfound power of company press releases..."

In fact, he is the one who alerted us to the story. Read the whole thing here.