Time.com names driver.tv one of 2007's best 50 sites and other pick-ups


Friday, Jun. 15, 2007


This slick new car-shopping site features high-def video and 360-degree, click-and-drag interior views of a number of makes and models. It's no substitute for a test drive, of course, but it could help you confidently narrow your choices—as soon as its catalog is complete, which should be by the end of the year, according to a site spokesperson. DriverTV's own production team is working to fill in the gaps—the Honda and Toyota lineups are particularly thin—shooting new vehicles every four to six weeks.

The My Showroom tool gives consumers a quick-and-dirty way to compare specs on two or three models, and you can browse by category, brand or budget. In addition to the virtual tours, there's a Driver's Ed section with 30- to 60-sec. video lessons covering topics like how to change a flat to what to do if you skid. Not all the videos are produced by DriverTV; some comes from the manufacturers, such as GM's tutorial on the Onstar system, and the seven-minute history of the trophy girls provided by Porsche. DriverTV can get you a quote and put you in touch with a local dealer. But to actually buy a car online, go to CarsDirect. And Cars.com recently launched a mobile version for anytime, anywhere access to pricing and other info.

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